About Us

The Blade Bull™ is an innovative cooking knife brand that was established in 2019. Our signature Serbian Butcher's Knife was launched with massive success, now boasting over 5,000 happy customers.


After taking a trip to Europe in 2017, our founder, Michael, became obsessed with the cooking techniques and strategies of some those living in the woods. On a hiking trip, he was introduced to an elderly man who lived in a remote cabin on the side of a mountain for dozens of years by himself. He told Michael stories about how he's managed to sustain life by himself - a lot of hunting, cooking, and designing tools by himself.

This elderly man was an amateur blacksmith that loved creating different styles of knives to cook with. When he showed Michael his "Serbian-styled" butcher's knife, Michael knew he had to try creating one himself when he got back to the USA.

Fast forward a few years, Michael had created roughly 500 Serbian Butcher's Knives, each of which were hand-forged. He started a small Etsy store in hopes of selling a few of them - and within a week, ALL of the knives had sold out. 

Michael knew he was onto something. That's when he felt inspired to launch The Bull Blade - a brand he hopes brings as much excitement to customers as the elderly man in the mountains brought to him. 


Our main priority is our customers. If you have any issue with your order, or if you have a question about our product, feel free to contact us by email at support@thebladebull.com